2014 Event Dates, Prices, & Policies

2014 Event Dates, Prices, & Policies

Postby Jacob » Sun Jun 02, 2013 9:28 pm

Ladies and Gentlemen:

The inaugural season of Occam's Razor in 2014 will be comprised of full weekend events on the following dates:

April 4-6
May 9-11
October 3-5 October 17-19
November 7-9

Non-Player Characters:

NPCs can participate in Occam's Razor free of charge, get all sorts of thanks, and we'll feed you, to boot.
NPC Briefing begins at 9pm Friday night. If you are unable to attend this briefing, one will be provided to you specifically before you may enter combat.

Check out our NPC Guide for more information.


Approximately 4-5 weeks (5, schedule permitting) before each weekend event we will open a window for preregistration for the event in the CDB. This "registration window" will be open for 1 week. During that week, players may submit requests to register for the event and may volunteer to prepay for the event. No funds will be transferred at that point in time. 72 hours after the registration window closes, we will post the list of players who have successfully registered. At that time, those who successfully registered and volunteered to prepay will have 1 week to actually transfer funds to Occam's Razor. Failure to do so will cause the registrant to lose their place at the event.

We are implementing this policy to prevent people losing out just because they don't have access to an internet connection at 8:00pm sharp on a given day.

Season Passes are no longer available for 2014.

Event Costs
All Players must pay a $10 annual membership fee. The cost of attending one of the 2014 Full Weekend Events is $80. Any money paid ahead of an event that you cannot attend for whatever reason will be applied against the cost of your attendance at future events.

Event Schedule
Check in begins at Friday night at 8pm.
PC Briefing (on safety, rule changes, important notes, etc.) begins at 9pm in the Diner. Please make every effort to attend in a timely manner. If you are unable to attend this briefing, one will be provided to you specifically before you may enter game.
Game On will be called at 10pm sharp. People not present and accounted for on site by 11:00pm will be considered no-shows so that we can let people on the wait list in as PCs. Please let us know ahead of time if you will be late as best you can--we understand cell service is spotty the closer you get to site. If you let us know ahead of time that you'll be later than 11:00pm, we won't count you as a no-show.

Snack-type food is allowed in cabins, but PLEASE keep the cabins clean. Meal-type food is restricted to the Diner.

A meal plan is currently available for purchase. For accurate head counts, you MUST sign up to be on the meal plan when you register for the event in the CDB--we will not be taking meal plan sign ups at the door. Cost of the plan is currently $25, which may be prepaid or paid at the door. The menu and time of meals will be posted per event by the food service folks. Any and all questions about the meal plan, including dietary concerns and payment, may be directed to Pete (also known as "Grill Master Pete," "Chef Master Pete," and "Don Pedro") at food@occamsrazorlarp.com.

Further Notes:

1) We advise you to bring a back up weapon in case the pretty one flunks safety testing. (Also: OOG Nerf Gun Policy Reminder)
2) Players can completely remake their characters without losing any CP one time after their first full weekend event. Please notify staff if you would like to do this so we can unlock your history for edits.
3) How to PEL
4) Please pre-sign your legal waiver.

-The Management
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