The beginning of the fan fics

The beginning of the fan fics

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For all players of Occam's Razor who are currently figuring out what they are doing with their characters for any sort of epilogue, Please feel free to send any of that my way so that I have something to work off for my own trashy fan fic. Feel free to post it right here or e-mail it to me, or private message me it on the Occam's Razor forum.
As a note; feel free to add Lou to whatever backstories that you are writing but keep in mind that Lou, although made several offers of going to exotic locations or what not, pretty much is not leaving the county for any more than an occasional vacation. I hope the following gives you some help with your personal endings and head cannon.
As mentioned in the final scene of O-R, the tribe is getting funding for a new town over in Pine Bluffs but they are going back to the tradition of only members of the tribe being permitted to live on the reservation, and Lou is allowed to stay given his status.
Lou was gifted an Incredible amount of money from various sources. Adam Morsi's (Dylan Marriner) estate to some extent is gifted to Lou, after Lou fills Adam's request of going to Florida to visit Adam's incarcerated mother. Lou has a mountain side mansion built by Allison (Donald Edward Lareau) Whatever cut of hazard pay's money left over from Mr Saturday and the union helps make sure that Lou 'is taken care of' as well as of course the USS Green Monster yacht that Mason (Adam Hurley) left him.
Lou takes his new found wealth and uses it to co-open a new construction firm with the 424. Arrangements are made for the 424 to get some of the contracts from the government to help with the construction of the new, and now smaller town of pine bluffs. Between his small company's success and his generous gifts from his well off friends (maybe Jacob and Harry come through with money as well) (Matthew Persons and Rhyan Hatfield-Colangelo) Lou spends the rest of his days living in comfort in his mansion in the hills, occasionally helping out with plowing the small town's roads in the winter time or organizing community events.
In the mansion that Lou has dubbed Shadegrove 2, pictures of his old friends from Whisper hill line the hallways and fill the guest rooms. The photos show them all in happier times and would most likely be considered classified by various government agencies (Laura Boylan). He never lets dust settle on any of them. Especially the one of the Winter's clan that he was able to get out their house in whisper hill and an old photo of Dallas (Heather Stormageddon Nadeau).they sit in the center of a display case in the dining room. (John Carter, Linette Jacqueline)
ShadeGrove 2 becomes a re-imagined Hanly halfway home. (Treska Cole, Jeff Ferraro) Lou tells everyone as they leave whisper hill that his soon mansion is going to have plenty of guest rooms for anyone who needs a place to stay for a while. Anyone who fought along side him is welcome to stay at his place if they come back for a visit. Some times is just having Charlotte over for the football game (Leanne Calagione Micciche) or Billy (David Gordon) over for long fire side chats. The invitation is open to all. Rufus (David Carey) drops by when the weather is nice.
Lou makes the occasional drive down to Whisper Hill to visit it's one sole resident, John Marner. The two share a beer and play the rare game of checkers. Marner always wins. ALWAYS. He sees Vanessa who stays near by and visits her when he gets sick. (Samantha Hatfield-Colangelo)
Lou writes to folks a lot who live far away. Folks as far away as England (Thomas Mark) or folks who are always on the road (Nuance Bryant). He sends holiday cards to those he misses (Scott LaTour, Zoë Antoinette) and reaches out to friends he hasn't seen in a long long time. (Sephie Jade)
His basement has become a strange collection of things he has deemed to dangerous for the normal world. He offers to all the folks of whisper hill storage of any items they no longer want or need. Things like Plasma glaives or creepy nick-nacks pile up in his large basement.
Lou offers mike (Jak Magus) and Alice (Kat Davis) a place to call home and if they takes him up on this offer, has an other reason to not have a lot of 'normal folks' over often.
Lou keeps an eye out for the dastardly villains such as Tomas Ten-field (Phil Fantastic D'Anjou) and anyone else that would mean him and his friends harm. He occasional consults for the FBI and various government agencies. He has picked up a lot of knowledge and sometimes knows what he's talking about (Michael Oldziej)
Lou spends the rest of his days in Pine Bluffs, Living his 'normal life' and remarking on the 4 and a half years that changed his life. The world was saved, at a cost, a heavy heavy cost. But it was saved.
And Lou got to live in it.
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