October Event Announcements: Food & Water

October Event Announcements: Food & Water

Postby Coco » Thu Oct 12, 2017 12:24 am

Exciting news! Our friend Marco from the Windsor Mountain site has let us know two things:
1. There will be running water on site this event. The bathrooms near Shadegrove will be out of order, but there will be running water in the Diner. We're reasonably sure there will be water in the cabins as well.
2. Marco will be selling some food this weekend from the Diner kitchen, vendor style. This will not be at the level of providing full meal service--we have been told "burgers, grilled cheese, and maybe some pasta"--but will be available as an extra. We've also made Marco aware that PCs will be using the Diner kitchen, so that will still be available to you

Hooray Marco!
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