A Clandestine Meeting (August 2017)

A Clandestine Meeting (August 2017)

Postby Coco » Wed Jun 28, 2017 1:48 pm

August 19, 2017
69 Village Court
Berlin, Massachusetts

$10 at the door

The Last Free Voice has sent a coded message (per usual) to his trusted friends in Whisper Hill, scheduling a clandestine meeting. "Do you want to know the truth? So do I. Bring what you know. And tinfoil. Tell no one."
(Other NPCs will also be available for RP!)

While this is an In Game event, a couple OOG things to note:

Though we are not using the Accelerant Rules, you can spar with boffer weapons if you like, but you cannot use Skills or actually harm anyone.

As always, this is a pot luck affair. We encourage people to be organized about this so we can have things besides chips and soda. Sign up to bring something here: https://goo.gl/forms/pdHB15gJM1XHoBn12

We don't typically have extra NPCs at these off-season events as we aren't running major plot, but any NPCs planning to attend should contact staff (staff@occamsrazorlarp.com).

Those of you who attended our other "evening special" events may remember our parking rules! We're also not allowed to use other lots at Camelot besides Visitor Parking, which is commonly full. Your best bet is to park along the road coming into the complex (Village Court). Here again is that handy map with warnings, in case you would like to leave with your car intact.

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