Cabin Assignments: May 2017

Cabin Assignments: May 2017

Postby Jacob » Mon May 15, 2017 3:15 pm

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Below are the cabin assignments for the event this weekend. Please, please, please take a look at them. Look long and hard, because I have a hunch some people may be very excited about coming to the event, but maybe they forgot to register, and if they don't register, I can't assign them to a cabin with their friends. So. Here's what I have been able to piece together, which fits all of the team assignments as they appear in the CDB. If you need to change a team designation, or if you need to poke a friend so they register so they can bunk with you and not the Penance, now is the time to do so.

Thank you for your time, and I sincerely hope you guys have a blast this weekend.

-The Mgt

Main Street 3
James L.
Treska C.
Janna O.
Heather P.
Leanne M.
Jason M.
Kimber B.
Christopher C.
Adam H.
Jeremy S.

Main Street 4
Jonathen P.
Lauren M.
Ian M.
Matt L.
Katie R.
Jessica O.
Brendan T.
Scott (.

Main Street 5
Christopher E.
Michael O.
Brice G.
Kayla S.
Brendan D.
Lisa C.
Kim P.
Persephone C.
Kevin G.

Main Street 5.5
Ashleigh P.
Sean C.
Laura B.
Nathan P.
Nuance B.
Peter L.
Aaron S.

Main Street 6
Becca Y.
Crystal R.
Peter B.
Christopher W.
Alison G.
David Ch.
Zoe E.
Shawn M.
Samantha E.
Michael M.

Shadegrove 1 (Top Far Left)

Shadegrove 2 (Top Middle Left)

Shadegrove 3 (Top, Right, Closest to Center Staircase)

Shadegrove 4 (Top, Right, Center of Right)

Shadegrove 5 (Top, Right, Farthest Right Large Section)

Shadegrove Apt 1 (Bottom Left Near Stairwell)

Shadegrove Apt 2 (Bottom Left Away from Stairwell)

Shadegrove Apt 3 (Top Left Small Section)

Shadegrove Apt 4 (Top Right Small Section)

DeMarco House
Heather N.
Samantha F.
David Ca.
Donald L.
Matthew P.
Rhyan H.
Ronald R.
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