Cabin Assignments: April 2017

Cabin Assignments: April 2017

Postby Jacob » Tue Apr 11, 2017 6:04 pm

Hello eveybody! Behold a VERY SPECIAL set of cabin assignments. Pay attention, as there are some changes because, well--Shadegrove Apartments burned down. Happily, though, some wealthy donors got together to mourn that mogul of real estate, Ted DeMarco, and so the DeMarco House is now a thing.

Note: The DeMarco House IS NOT SHADEGROVE BY ANY OTHER NAME. There is a new cabin sorta uphill from Shadegrove, and that is the DeMarco House.

Without further ado:

Main Street 3
Scott (.
Lauren M.
Chris S.
James L.
Brice G.
Jonathen P.
Katie R.
Ian M.
Lisa C.
Eric S.
Dawn C.
Chris V.

Main Street 4
Kim P.
Nuance B.
Nathan P.
Kat D.
Ashleigh P.
Sean C.
Laura B.
Peter L.
Abrihette Y.

Main Street 5
Michael O.
Christopher C.
Tom S.
Leanne M.
Jeremy S.
Janna O.
Brendan T.
Christopher E.
Jason M.
Brendan D.

Main Street 5.5
Kimber B.
Heather P.
Mary K.
Adam H.
Nathaniel P.
Treska C.

Main Street 6
Zoe E.
Crystal R.
Michael M.
Samantha E.
Cardin C.
Becca Y.
Peter B.
Alison G.
David Ch.
Shawn M.

Shadegrove 1 (Top Far Left)

Shadegrove 2 (Top Middle Left)

Shadegrove 3 (Top, Right, Closest to Center Staircase)

Shadegrove 4 (Top, Right, Center of Right)

Shadegrove 5 (Top, Right, Farthest Right Large Section)

Shadegrove Apt 1 (Bottom Left Near Stairwell)

Shadegrove Apt 2 (Bottom Left Away from Stairwell)

Shadegrove Apt 3 (Top Left Small Section)

Shadegrove Apt 4 (Top Right Small Section)

DeMarco House
Ronald R.
Rhyan H.
Samantha F.
Matthew P.
Donald L.
Phil D.
David Ca.
Matt L.
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