Photos of Occam's Razor

Photos of Occam's Razor

Postby Coco » Fri Jan 09, 2015 3:45 pm

People have asked about seeing the OOG photos taken at Occam's Razor, and here they are. (Better late than never?) I will continue to update this post with links as time goes on so they're all in one place. As this is a conspiracy game, remember, these photos are taken OOG so please don't use them for IG purposes. They don't reflect the IG nature of the game--Brett McKinnon can tell you that. If you want to save or print them for social media other purposes though, feel free, but be advised these are sized for best web resolution. If you do want to print them large, message me.

Albums are password protected. The password is, y'know, the best place in Whisper Hill to get some coffee, as all one word, all lower case, no "the." If you would like any photo taken down for any reason, do not hesitate to message me.

DPL Company Picnic (August 2014)
Campaign Session 4 (November 2014)
Non-Denominational Holiday Party (January 2015)
Campaign Session 6 (May 2015)
DPL Company Picnic (August 2015)
Campaign Session 7 (October 2015)
Non-Denominational Holiday Party (January 2016)
Campaign Session 9 (April 2016)
DPL Company Picnic (August 2016)
Campaign Session 12 (November 2016)
Winters' Surprise Party (February 2017)
Campaign Session 13 (April 2017)
Campaign Session 14 (May 2017)
Campaign Session 16 (November 2017)
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