The Environment of Occam's Razor

The Environment of Occam's Razor

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We wanted to give a quick announcement on the theme and tone of Occam's Razor. While we enjoy the rich supernatural setting of the game, keep in mind the setting is a normal town with (seemingly) mostly normal people. During the day, many residents of Whisper Hill work typical jobs and live typical American small town lives. At night, the residents of Whisper Hill tend to get inside and spend time with their families around nightfall.

They don't tolerate 'weirdos' very well, and we are STRONGLY ENCOURAGING people to blend into the town during the daylight hours. We also are more likely to have repercussions for criminal acts against normal human beings in the town.

Indeed, they also don't like people openly walking around with guns unless they're going hunting or are involved with law enforcement. They especially don't like a bunch of strange or overly powered weapons just laying around or being carried in plain sight (during the day). Rumor around town is the Sheriff has enlisted more deputies to help him enforce order, and the recent mayhem in town has led to increased weapon restrictions.

Realistically, it means you need to hide them in your cabin or in something interesting like a guitar case during daylight hours if you want to avoid trouble with the town. Your fellow PCs might also choose to inform you as such. Be creative. We aren't trying to limit people's fun, but we did set out to run this game with a specific environment. While it might fly in the face of other more traditional games to force people to hide weapons in a LARP environment, we think it will add more to the overall tone and theme to the game.

I'm warning PCs from an out-of-game perspective because we were a bit lax last event with enforcement. The weather was rough and we didn't want to force people in and out of the Diner to get firearms, given the mud and the snow. Our second event won't have the same restrictions, so expect us to be enforcing the ordinances of the town in full effect in game 2.

The PELs we received seem to state that our intended tone was something the community at large wanted. We heard you and have taken the appropriate steps to ensure the sleepy setting of Whisper Hill will be everything you want it to be (and more).


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