Kelsey's Epilogue

Kelsey's Epilogue

Postby Owle Isohos » Thu Nov 16, 2017 5:58 pm

Hours after the Vice President's visit, Kelsey packs a bag and meets Isaira on Rt 3 to head off on an adventure. They go hitchhiking, mapping out the Windows in other parts of the world and likely getting into and out of all kinds of trouble. She keeps in touch with her friends as well as she can, occasionally stopping by Pine Bluffs to ask what's news and help out in any way she's able. She keeps saying she'll settle down there some day, but inevitably she ends up crashing in one of Lou's guest rooms for a few days before heading out again. She never stops moving, and those that know her well suspect that after Whisper Hill, Kelsey can't live a normal life any more. There's something about the desperation, about the fighting, about the discovery and adventure that completes her and draws her to it. Eventually, she becomes a Wayfarer in her own right.

She keeps her promise to Rattigan, stopping by the warrens to see if the rats need anything. She drops off care packages by Marner's door while she's in the area, to what I like to imagine is his consternation. She never stops to chat with John, though if she happens to see him, she asks if he's doing well before moving on.

She never goes underwater if she can help it. She doesn't want to place herself in any situation where she and Billy could end up on opposite sides of the line. Likewise, she stays out of the war between the various factions of the fae.

For anyone who knew her, wherever they end up, Kelsey finds a way to stop by. Wherever you are, every so often you'll hear a knock on your door without warning, and you'll find a grinning Kelsey on the other side. She'll tell you she happened to be in the area, and thought she'd stop by to catch up. Oh, and is there anything she can do for you while she's here?
-Kelsey Graham (that medic with the black fedora and the purple coat)

-aka Lauren (OOC)
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