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Here is my epilogue! Feel free to add your own little tidbits!

Vanessa says her goodbyes to those not staying in Pine Bluffs. She helps the residents of Whisper Hill get through the winter while the new town of Pine Bluffs gets rebuilt. She asks Dr. Kennigan if she will be staying and sees if she would be interested in opening a practice together.
At first, she asks Lou if she can stay in his mansion while she saves up for her own house. When she finally gets her own house its modest. Above her fireplace is a collage of those who passed. She keeps an electric candle plugged in below the collage. If the power goes out for whatever reason she keeps a candle lit.
She leaves every now and then on vacations, especially in the colder months to explore the new windows with her mentor and Kelsey. She visits friends that did not want to stay. Rue, Harry and Charlotte to name a few.
When she is home she works, volunteers and visits those who stayed. Every time Lou comes in she laughs and says that he can visit when he is not sick. She does go to check on him and enjoys seeing the many pictures of friends. She makes a point to visit Lou and co on the anniversary of them closing the gate, she brings a six pack of beer.
Vanessa visits her parents back in California (and of course this is when she also checks on Harry and Charlotte). She spends time with Solan, they finally have the time to get to know each other and try to make up for lost time.
Ness and Rufus end up staying together after all is said and done. They eventually do go on that vacation to the Keys and bring whoever else wanted to come. It takes about a year for things to settle, Rufus’ travelling for work slows down and Vanessa learns that she is no longer just on her own and lets him now or asks if he wants to come on her window walking adventures. (Windows is how she visits people, she doesn’t drive or fly. She will call first though, just showing up would be rude).
Vanessa has just turned 30 when they closed the gate for good. After a few years the subject of immortality is brought up. Vanessa was getting older, but Rufus wasn’t. He started researching ways to fix it because he could tell it was bothering her. She told him not too. Instead she went and talked to Solan. I imagine they had a heart to heart, talked about what it means to be immortal. Outliving everyone like her mother and friends, and let’s not forget the tithe.
She also talks to Rufus about it but ultimately, it’s her decision. If Victor is still around when she becomes of age she talks to her about it as well. As she has already been through the process.
Ultimately, she does decide to become full Fae. She lives her normal(ish) life with Rufus in Pine Bluffs until everyone she knew is gone. As to not raise suspicion from those outsides of Pine Bluffs she ‘retires’ and leaves her practice to the next generation of doctors. The pair take a subtler approach to watching over Pine Bluff’s. And checking on the descendants of their friends.
She adds people to her collage as they pass away and no matter what she will keep a light on for you.
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