Favorite Moments May 2017

Favorite Moments May 2017

Postby Owle Isohos » Sun May 21, 2017 9:53 pm

First off, thank you so much to the staff, NPCs, and players for a wonderful event. This weekend was amazing and it was great to get to see you all!

Favorite moments...

The meeting with the Agarthan representative was everything I hoped it would be. Watching the negotiations, spending half the time biting my tongue and restraining Kelsey's anger. Quickly coming to terms with the fact that the Agarthans who treated her like refuse did not necessarily represent the whole of the Agarthan people. Becoming the town's representative to the Agarthans, and bestowing the High Priest's gift upon the town.

Getting flattened by the Shoggoth (Chuggoth? Chelkoth? Whatever.) Hilariously, I get more immersed in the game when I'm taking damage, so I was grateful for every time an NPC remembered to use their abilities to do damage "to Halo" and every By My Voice damage call. Apparently I have more fun if I think I'm about to die.

That conversation with Isaira. "Linear, student. Linear."
"Hey, I didn't get displaced in time. I just nearly drowned on a yacht."
"Land, student. Land."
And later...
"Now, remember what I said. Linear!"
I glanced at Ariel. "What if I'm dating someone non-linear...?"
Isaira's look and talk in response was fabulous.

Getting Mellie's brain back in place! I usually let other people solve the puzzles, but it was fun to get to be in charge of figuring out which wires went where and directing the other doctors in hooking the brain up. Rattigan's "This is a teachable moment!" and related banter. Gadget being completely adorable. I was so proud of Gadget for getting an A-, and Kelsey promised they'd work on getting her a better grade next time.

Being triage + puzzle director on the "construct an additional pylon" mod.

Every time I saved someone, especially the desperate moments on Sunday when everyone around me was falling down.

Interactions with Ariel.

Talking with Billy about terrible plans.

Brett under a table cloth!!! I'm so happy that it worked and that I got to see it.

Charlotte collapsing and rolling on the floor with laughter when we realized Mr. Jones was practically sitting on top of bombs.

Talking to Gil about the nature of the Strain, souls, and tuna sandwiches.

Alex's ribbing when she introduced Kelsey to Hope.

Hope's "It seems he has a type" in response to being told she looks like Hana.

Rocking out with Red.

Brett's terrible puns.

Cassie threatening a Vrill with homemade explosives.

I'm sure there are more that I'm forgetting. I really enjoyed interacting with everyone this weekend. Thank you all for giving me so many great moments. :D
-Kelsey Graham (that medic with the black fedora and the purple coat)

-aka Lauren (OOC)
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Re: Favorite Moments May 2017

Postby Zeuglodonna » Sun May 21, 2017 10:07 pm

- Masonry
- The Condemnation and the return of Sally the Human
- The genius mechanics of the four part Urel (sp?) underwater
- Conversations surrounding the U.N. investigation (The history of military tribunals and wartime atrocity ethical proceedings being a personal jam)
- Mr. Marner's workshop
- The conversations and revelations following the epic battle against the fish people
- Discussions with Sally, Lou, and Billy surrounding the future of whisper
- Helicopters

I absolutely love this game.
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Re: Favorite Moments May 2017

Postby sndwurks » Mon May 22, 2017 2:03 pm

As always, Occam's Razor is a rocky road for Billy, filled with plenty of emotional ups and downs. Playing Billy is a challenge, but a fortunately rewarding challenge. To all the people, PC and NPC alike, who took time out of their game to talk with me as Billy? Thank you. You guys are the reason I keep playing, and the core of my enjoyment of this game. Those little moments of conversation mean the world to me, even if I do not go into them below. Even if we crossed words, even if what was said was painful? That is why I play. So thank you.

For favorite moments...

- Welcome to Occam's Razor, the Musical Theater edition, which such favorites as: "It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Fishmen!", "If I Were a Deep One", trying to find a word which scans to "Tradition" while talking about a sniper on the roof, a demonic rendition of "Part of That World", and many more!
- Playing Body Mirror with Vertaxial Hounds. Giving the JD yelp at every Expose Displaced. Running away from them regularly. The Sunday Morning hunting call. All things involving the Vertaxial Hounds in general.
- Practical Shamanism 101 - Arts and Crafts Edition. Most fun I have had doing Arts and Crafts at a LARP ever (and yes, there are multiple times I have been on A&C mods, and this was by far the best).
- I got to fire a harpoon gun. Not in a combat, sadly, but Billy got to fire a harpoon gun. This was a personal highlight for him. Big guns are kind of a thing for him.
- Fighting dinosaurs. Yes, I may have gotten mauled by a raptor, but hey. Worth it for getting to shoot one.
- "And his known accomplice, William Redwolf." "Who's William Redwolf?" "... You know that's Billy, right?" "No, he's Billy St. Francis." "... Billy is short for William." "And Redwolf?" "You know what? Just go talk to Billy."
- Interacting with LILI and telling her the REAL reason Billy is willing to risk death inside the System to speak with her.
- "Just like Ghostbusters, guys! Push it into the trap!"

It was, all in all, a solid event. I am looking forward to the next one. Thanks for the fun!
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Re: Favorite Moments May 2017

Postby kaiserin » Mon May 22, 2017 2:28 pm

This was a special one for me coming in as a new character, thank you everyone for all the fresh interactions and the new interactions, people Hana never even talked to.

"Welcome to Whisper Hill" Thank you Cassie!

Eveyone's response to Hope's likeness to Hana. I have to give credit to the staffer that threw that idea out there when I mentioned coming back as Levi's demon.

Body shaming myself all weekend. It's ok, IRL I'm happy with myself, Hope just prefers less curvature.

Getting to describe in loving detail the crumbling decline of the Hollywood male ideal into frailty and the sudden change of attitude when people realize that when I said I'd been working in Japan off the west coast I'm talking about the fallout from Fukashima. It's a whole new world of sociopathy as a demon.

Crippling NPCs

"That's a rat"
(No reaction)
"That's a rat"
(No reaction)
(To Rattigan)"You're a rat"
Rattigan: Yes. (Keeps walking)
"That's a rat!"

Jamming wires into Mellie's brain was a wonderful and visceral experience. The fact that it was assisting a Rat with her thesis was something Hope couldn't quite come to terms with. So glad to go on a puzzle mod for a change.

I love the rats.

Being disappointed at the low number or REMs the tunnel portal imparts.

I shot a triceratops in the face (shield) with a rocket launcher!! Which is it's own reward.

The demon on the FBI raid to the agents, "Dude, I'm here to watch these scrolls not to save you asses!"

Hope (to Daphne): Oh my god! Did I EAT you!
Daphne: Yes! You shouldn't do that.
Hope: I don't think I'll ever get this taste out of my mouth. (Drinks water) Oh! Water doesn't help!
Beatrice: You should try milk.
Hope: I don't think you should mix milk with this.
Daphne: Activated charcoal.

Also the horrified reaction from (I can't remember you name) when she woke up from unconsciousness with Hope gnawing on her shoulder.

The tidal flats were awful, but so wonderful.

Getting to talk demon stuff with all the other demons.

Mason: "Quick, someone give me a meme!"
Hope: "I don't know what a meme is!"

I shot... A Triceratops... In the face... With a rocket launcher...
Welcome to Whisper Hill.
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Re: Favorite Moments May 2017

Postby Levi O'Brian » Mon May 22, 2017 3:19 pm

Leslie and Alex "The Boys are Back"
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Re: Favorite Moments May 2017

Postby kimp » Mon May 22, 2017 3:36 pm

It’s something like Chill Pegasus so that’s what we’ve been calling it. Because Chill Pegasus? That’s a god I can worship. He’s like a Bro God. <and other scatting on the name>

Washing in on a tidal wave after the Cave challenge
Plus: so fun to imagine us just tumbling in on a wave
Negative: I landed on my fidget cube

Honestly, each of the 4 challenges was interesting and provided a challenge and lots of highlights
- The harrowing first challenge at Shadegrove kicked our butts
- Mr Jones, Aurora, Harry, & I getting separated from the main group in the Tidal Flats and ending up with all the pieces anyhow
- The same group being unable to save Don’s new character, Alison, because we couldn’t get through the swarm of Vrill at the door of the cabin we were in
- That damned puzzle in the cave not working right – and watching the water rise as Harry failed again and again (while asking people to chop off his legs because… crazy) and knowing we were going to drown

Mellie’s brain and all the pathos
Bonus: “We are never telling Sally who dropped Mellie’s brain. Twice.”

The DSRD thing with all the traps. So many traps. So much fun. So much falling down. (Seriously – was that a light activated buzzer or did we just really f’up?! Twice)

Chell-types making murloc sounds. It’s the little things that amuse me

While I never get to interact with it I admire all the tech touches – I sat and watched hackers hacking a computer for an extended period of time (several times) and I got to appreciate the artistry that goes into the interfaces and the ‘games’ etc… Makes my gee-whiz-techy heart so happy.

edit - People before Things. I actually said that. What have you all done to me?

Edit again - I am SO sorry to anyone who had to deal with Liberty's erratic emotional state. Stupid feelings
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Re: Favorite Moments May 2017

Postby Amelia Casselman » Mon May 22, 2017 5:25 pm

--For Hope: *wake up* OH MY GOD WHY IS SHE EATING ME. OH MY GOD STOP IT. SHORT REPEL BY FAITH *scramble away, stand up, hit her until she's unconscious* No one wake her up she's crazy and dangerous!!

--Hiding under a bed, terrified, hearing the hounds outside and able to see their lights around the windows above me, with an equally terrified demon next to me, hearing death strikes outside and being able to do nothing.

--Subsequent hound moments. Hiding under tables in the diner. Waking up Sunday to one in the cabin and losing all my sanity and curling up in a ball because what's the point anymore, anyway?

--Finally seeing Mr. Teeth. Knowing he was probably out there, anyway, but they had to help these changelings. Watching our friends stare off into shadows in horror.

--Listening to Mells talk about her experience in full. TERRIFIED of her talking about needing vengeance, while Sally is next to her.

--Group 3 for the cluster of mods. YOU GUYS WERE GREAT.

--Making the wendigo fetish and showing it off.

--Watching the ritual by the water Fri night. Loved the color-changing remote candles.

--Red exposing Jobe as a Vrill and watching him bolt. Us trying and failing to catch him, plus rock-paper-scissors. After, talking with several people, but mostly Mells and Ed, about whether or not it was a good idea to send him a psychic message inviting him back with a promise of sanctuary.

Missing a lot but time for me to go back to sleep before work.
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Re: Favorite Moments May 2017

Postby kaiserin » Mon May 22, 2017 5:40 pm

Amelia Casselman wrote:--For Hope: *wake up* OH MY GOD WHY IS SHE EATING ME. OH MY GOD STOP IT. SHORT REPEL BY FAITH *scramble away, stand up, hit her until she's unconscious* No one wake her up she's crazy and dangerous!!

That was wonderful! Thank you for reacting accordingly.
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Re: Favorite Moments May 2017

Postby HecateSkivvy » Tue May 23, 2017 1:51 am


This weekend was a lot of fun. Though I'm finding myself having trouble getting comfortably back into the primal moodswing enthusiasm that is Leslie - at least to the old Manic-Pixie-Dream-Boy levels I've managed in the past - it's just been nice to be back in the swing of things. I've had a pretty rough year, and it's just been nice to be back in a place where I have a strong sense of community.

That said, I totally managed a few kickass moments - especially on Sunday - like, helping hold back two simultaneous squadrons of DSRD agents at once with my hellfire barrage. And, (my favorite moment) derailing an upcoming skirmish by asking the soldiers about their health benefits as government employees and then letting the thing turn into a buddy-buddy ethical discussion. For a moment.

Other favorite moments include:
-Watching Alex scare the piss out of an entire squadron by DRAGONING at them.
-Getting the Hate-Smoulder from Beatrice. Forever.
-Getting gently carried into the bushes to rest after getting drowned following a job well done.
-The awkward silence after Billy's outburst on the porch, then being told I was the only fey Billy can stand. Leslie has worked long and hard to earn the begrudging respect of that there fetch.
-Silencing the High Priest over and over, and getting blasted by the tides as a result.
-Literally parting the seas in that last push in the tidal realm.

"Mason - what you're doing here. This is a problem."
"You're not wearing your coat. I can't handle this."
"Yes, we know. Change is scary."

"Refresh one sanity by TEQUILA."

More to come. Probably.
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Re: Favorite Moments May 2017

Postby Mells » Wed May 24, 2017 10:00 pm

Here are a few brief highlights:

Following my brain around for an hour: In the begging shouting "I just want to go home!" "Please help me" and then afterwards "Why is it still so dark? Why Cant I see, Where am I?", I appreciated seeing every character reaction, because they were varied and quite apt. It was nice to talk to different people and see the reaction to the separation of brain and body, and too Melanie's story of what she remembers after a month in captivity.

Watching people put my brain back in my head and just thinking, 'I can't lose any more sanity, please don't screw this up.' Also... Rats helped put my brain back in my head BTW.

Rage Quit: I have literally had that skill from the FIRST event and haven't had it triggered it until that one moment, in front of the whole town, right before we were about to do something important. It was glorious.

Ed telling Mel she's a brain in a box and that someone had dropped her... a few times.

"Liberty I'm a brain, I can't see colors right now."

Sally: "What do YOU want to do?" AAAAHHHHHH!!!!

The debate with Mason over killing all of the Poseidon crew present: Still kind of wish it had happened, but the honesty in that moment was beautiful, and she is going to hold you to your promises.

The Fetish making and the glory that was the Fetish Windigo.

Victoria? can we continue to be battle buddies forever? Cause that would be fantastic.

Repelling an entire helicopter full of soldiers and frightening them all away. I love it when my skills work.

Having Jake (Director White) hand me a harpoon gun,
"OK this is how you use it, It costs 1 fire to shoot."
Me handing it back "Sorry I can't use fire."
"I have an 'Unhealthy Obsession' about it and 'Elemental Discordance', I CAN'T use it."
Jake giving me this 'what the fuck' face. Priceless

I appreciated interacting with so many of you that I have never had the opportunity to really talk to, this list could go on forever but I think I'll stop here for now.
Melanie Walker

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