Shine light into darkness 6: What we don't talk about

Shine light into darkness 6: What we don't talk about

Postby ronfiction » Tue Feb 06, 2018 11:09 pm

Lou sat in his pick up truck waiting for the sheriff to walk across the parking lot and get in. Tyler Donnelly gave Lou a polite wave and pulled the collar of his police jacket up higher as he walked across the snow swept parking lot. He opened the door to Lou old truck and brushed off some snow as he sat down next to Lou. The two men exchanged tired looks and then both deeply sighed.

"We're not talking about it." Lou said simply and put his truck into gear and started to drive.

Sheriff Donnelly gave a solemn nod and the two men started their commute to Pine bluffs. Today was a small town meeting to finalize plans for the construction of the town's first buildings. FEMA had erected temporary buildings where the planning and organizing of construction could be done and most of the town was living in the near by area in hotels and motels till the construction started. Lou and Tyler had been invited along with several other members of the tribe to come and take a look at the plans that had been drawn up for the new village.

Tyler was coming to speak on behalf of the police department and Lou was going to speak on behalf of his new contracting company and get some contracts made up. He was hoping to get the contract to build the new high school. Allison had tried to get Blackstone to donate the money for an other one and they had been organizing the insurance pay out since the last one built was so new but had been damaged beyond repair in the battle for whisper hill.

The battle for whisper hill, the battle for the world, the incident on gatelock hill, the New Hamsphire incident, the last sacrifice ... November had a lot of names now, most of which the locals had all decided where things that 'we don't talk about now'. Everyone just want to move forward.

The drive to town had continued in silence for a while but Tyler just had to say something.

"You know, talking about it makes it easier." Tyler said. Lou just shook his head some.

"I just want to move forward. We have to think about the future." Lou said and sneered some as he focused on the road ahead of him. The snow was falling at a good speed. February in Northern New Hampshire was never an easy time.

"It was a team effort." Tyler said.

"We could have done more." Lou came back.

"We put up the best fight we could." Tyler continued.

"The other side was fighting dirty." Lou sneered.

"We know we're better than them." Tyler encouraged.

Lou sighed and nodded slowly.

"Just... Fuck the eagles man. Philly didn't deserve to win." Lou grumbled and Tyler chuckled some.
"Killing a thing doesn't make you a monster. Killing a thing that don't need killing makes you a monster."
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