Shine light into darkness 5: back to work

Shine light into darkness 5: back to work

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Shine light into darkness 5: Back to work
Once Lou arrived back in Boston aboard the Green Monster, and finished up any legal work he had to have done for the ship, it was back to Coos County for the Janitor. The holidays were over now and it was time for Lou to get started on his projects. Lou had at first been very intimidated by the large amount of money that he had inherited from various sources, but with help from several of his more organized friends, had formulated a few plans for his new found resources.
Lou had plans to start a contractor service in the local area so that he may aid in the construction of Pine Bluffs. The new envisioned town on the reservation land would have strict guide lines for who would be allowed to stay and Lou was lucky enough be allowed to stay. Having been formally inducted into the local tribe, Lou would have his company based out of the new town, and would then make his first projects various parts of the town.
Pine Bluffs was slated to be even smaller than Whisper Hill. Many of the locals had died during the conflict surrounding the gate and some of the locals also opted to leave the area after all was said and done. Lou didn’t blame those who had opted to leave. Having been trapped by their obligation to protect the gate for so long, those families that finally were freed from their duty and took the chance to see the world that they had for so long protected seemed only fair to Lou.
The new town would be receiving the full support of the federal government in funding and would even receive some private funding as well. Money for various projects would be flowing straight into Pine Bluffs and Lou looked to make sure that all of it was spent appropriately and efficiently. Lou found himself in a surprisingly good spot to be one of the chief managers of this project. He was a local, both to the county and now the tribe, but he was also an outsider, having spent years rubbing elbows with the various companies and organizations that come to operate around Whisper Hill and the gate.
When Lou got back from his trip to Florida he started to organize meetings with various government organizations, sat in on town council meetings, and organized the proper permits for his new company. Allison, Harry and Jacob helped Lou shore up some additional funding for his new company with some loans and the equipment for his construction firm was ordered. Special agent Ackermen helped get Lou into meetings with various government officials. Lou then set out to organize one last piece of the puzzle. His favorite piece of the puzzle: Labor.
Lou had actually bundled up for once, his first week back to Coos County found the region in record lows. The entire north east was trapped in some of the lowest temps it had ever had. Lou was for once actually glad to have missed it having been in Florida, where even they got a dusting of snow in it’s most northern parts. Lou’s old pick up truck almost didn’t start this night, with the temperature outside plunging down to as much as 15 below zero.
The drive from his hotel to the ruins of Whisper Hill was an ominous 45 minutes. It had been a full month since he was last in Whisper Hill proper. The town it’s self was in ruins from the battle at the gate and repeated snow storms had blanketed the area and the freezing cold temps kept all the snow from melting and had it pile up. He kept to the single plowed road that the state still maintained. Officially no one lived in Whisper Hill and the road was only kept up in case of emergencies and excess to the lake for fish and game.

Unofficially there were still a few people who called Whisper Hill home. Some of the locals had refused to move to the FEMA camp or near by hotels while Pine Bluffs were constructed, while at the same time, drifters and other shady characters had pass through looking for shelter for the winter. Lou knew that John Marner had no intentions of leaving town and made plans to check up on his regularly.
Lou drove past damaged buildings, downed trees, carters filled in with snow and unplowed side roads. He would occasionally see a building with lights on, most likely from a generator and he wondered who was there. Maybe a local hold out, maybe it was now a drug den. Lou drove his truck up to an old run down bar, which, unlike most of the other buildings in the area, was lit and seemingly lively. Seemingly lively, Lou smirked to himself at the thought. That was a good way to describe the place both inside and out.
Lou parked his truck outside the graveyard shift and stepped out into mind numbing cold. He started up towards the front of the bar and was stopped by the two men standing out front of the bar. Lou regarded the two men with suspicion then realized what he was dealing with. In this subzero weather the two men were outside in simple suit jackets and bowler hats, neither of them even flinching at the winds that could kill in minutes. The one closest to Lou simply held up a hand and then motioned for Lou to head back to his car.
“Sorry buddy, private family function tonight. Invite only.” He said in a raspy voice. Lou eyed the two ridden and took note of the pistols they were packing. Lou shoved his cold hands into his pockets and sneered some. “Oh trust me fellas, I’ve been to plenty of 424 functions. I know the score.” Lou said, but the two ridden didn’t seem convinced. “This isn’t a union meeting buddy. I don’t think this is your sort of scene.”
Lou rolled his eyes some, annoyed that he was still out in the cold. “It would be a damn shame if I had to let your boss know you were giving an old friend a hard time.” Lou said simply. The lead ridden shifted where he stood some, crossing his arms. “Mr Saturday has a lot of friends, you’re gonna need to give me something to work with here.” He said. Lou just chuckled. “I was talking about your real boss. The lady in white.”
When Lou mentioned her, the two ridden froze in place, almost as if they actually felt the freezing cold that surrounded them. The two exchanged a nervous glance and then looked back to the cold janitor. “What’s your name man?” The lead ridden asked in a now much more surprised voice. “Lou.” Was all the Janitor felt like answering with. The two ridden turned wide eyed and got out of his way as Lou stepped towards the door and then inside.
The temperature inside the building wasn’t much warmer than it was outside, but it was nice to be out of the wind. The building was full of tough looking men and women who all eyed Lou with interest when he walked in. The buzzing barroom went silent as he entered and one of the ridden closest to him stood up and walked over to him.
“Someone order dinner?” He asked with a crocked grin. The ridden in the bar laughed as some also edged closer to Lou. Lou gave them all an annoyed look but started to keep track of how many of them were armed and with what.

“If you some much as bite his finger nails, I’ll have every one of your teeth pulled out and used as cufflinks.” A booming voice sounded in the back of the room. All the ridden in the room turned away from Lou at the sounding of the voice and Lou looked towards the back to see the man he had come to see. “The man of the hour… or should I say day? Saturday.” Lou said as he gave a deep nod to Gino.
In the back of the room sat Gino surrounded by several members of his gang who were simply discussing something that come to an end at Lou’s arrival. The grim looking mobster chuckled loudly and motioned for Lou to come join them at the back of the speak easy. Lou walked through the bar till he got to Gino. “Good evening boss, thanks for seeing me.” Lou said with a smirk as he saw the surprised look on the faces of the other ridden.
“Lou, what brings you out our way this evening?” Gino asked as he folded his hands over his chest and shifted in his seat. Lou remained standing and still a little on edge. Even after spending years working with the undead, it was still a little unsettling for Lou to be completely surrounded by them. “I have some work for the good little union boys and girls.” Lou said and tightened his jacket on himself. “Save your union business for business hours breather.” One of the ridden by Lou’s side snapped at him.
Gino eyed the ridden that had spoken out and growled some. “Do you know who this is?” Gino asked the ridden in a low voice. The other ridden in the group all edged away from the one that had spoken out and the one that had spoke simply shook his head. “History lesson folks, listen up. This is Lou Beniot, He’s fought armies, demons, gangsters far more dangerous than you lot, heck, he even fought the penance one on one once.” Gino said and gave Lou a smirk. Lou shifted uncomfortably at the mention of his actions being referred to as history.
“That was before he took the penance, brought him through the gate and fought the darkness, which generally speaking saved the world.” Gino said and glared at the ridden that had spoken out. “So, this man here can come and go as he pleases. The next time I need to give you a history lesson about it, it won’t be as nice as this one.” A hand appeared on the ridden who had spoken out’s shoulder and suddenly, almost as if out of nowhere there was a small woman gripping his shoulder hard. The ridden groaned in pain as the woman pressed into his shoulder with her tight grip.
“Long time no see Gia.” Lou said and gave the woman a smile. Gia gave Lou a shallow nod and released the grip she held on the ridden. Gino looked up to the janitor. “Whatever you need you’ll get it Lou. The 424 always has your back.” He said and raised a beer bottle at him. Lou gave him a nod and the two discussed a few things before Lou headed out for the evening. Gia saw Lou back out to his truck and none of the other ridden even gave him a second look.
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