Shine light into darkness 2: Someone else's dream

Shine light into darkness 2: Someone else's dream

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Lou had been planning this trip to Florida for about a month now, but his first stop was to Boston. Lou had a strange love hate relationship with the city in general. It was the base for most of his favorite sport teams, but having grown up in the rural New Hampshire country side, he had been taught from a young age that the city was little more a drug infested slum where people didn't know how to drive. As an adult, he learned that the truth wasn't far off from what he had been taught.

Lou and Jacob had done most of the planning and organizing of the vacation. Since things in Whisper Hill started slowing down at the beginning of December Lou's been handling a lot of paperwork for a couple different projects. First he had to see to Dallas's things and work with the deputy director white on some sort of cover up for her eventual disappearance. Dallas and Lou had gotten that all organized well before she left for good. Also there was the matter of Adam Morsi's much larger estate. While in Boston he was going to have to have a meeting with Adam's father and there was going to be a lot of meetings with lawyer to resolve the matter of Lou's new inheritance.

Lou was starting to find out how much work it was being a multi-millionaire. Once the matter with Adam's money was resolved, and the taxes on that was paid, Lou would then have to deal with the paperwork involved in being gifted the Green Monster. When Mason passed away, he left Lou the boat that sheriff Winters had given him when he passed away. Organizing all of that was a huge hassle and of course, more taxes had to be paid on all that too. Organizing docking fees and getting a crew for the ship was also more things that Lou had to do.

The work, although not his preferred kind of work, kept him busy and helped him get used to the normal life once again. Dealing with things like lawyers and taxes were less stressful than alien bug queens and Japanese gangsters. The windfall for Lou also really helped motivate him to keep going. Dallas's last wishes were for him to help people, and now, with all his new found wealth, he could use that to fill her wishes. Dallas probably had things in mind like fixing some one's sink once in a while for people, with this wealth however, Lou could just buy people new houses.

A new house was in Lou's future too, Allison had joked about buying Lou a new house during one of their late night conversations in the AAA diner. Lou didn't think he was going to survive the closing of the gate, but now that he did, he was totally taking him up on his offer. Allison had been a man of his word since the gate closed. He's skills as a lawyer had really paid off and he had been helping Lou organize all his new processions and wealth. When the vacation to Florida was over, him and Lou would be starting a company up in the newly minted Pine Bluffs.

Lou would be meeting Alison at Adam's Morsi's father's office for the final meeting to resolve Adam's estate later in the day. Lou's first stop in Boston was at a private wing of Mass General Hospital. Lou drove down to Boston in his pick up truck with Ness while Jacob rode with his brothers Tobias and Alex. Jacob and his brothers were going straight to docks where the Green Monster was moored. Alex was still possibly being hunted so a hospital wasn't some where he wanted to be. Rufus had gone ahead to get the boat set up and made sure the crew was getting things set up.

Lou's worn out pick up truck looked very out of place in the underground parking garage at Mass General hospital and he smirked to himself as he and Ness got strange looks from the smartly dressed city folks who he passed in the garage. Lou and Ness made their way to the private wing of the Hospital and arrived at the room they had sought out. In the large, heavily teched-out hospital room sat a happy looking Harry and a recovering Charlotte.

"Hey Charlotte, looking good!" Lou said in his normally up beat voice. Lou and Ness made their way over to the side of Charlotte's bed. Lou gave Harry a nod and moved to stand over Charlotte. "Yeah, green was never really my color. Didn't like being mistaken for a Jets fan." Charlotte said weakly and offered Lou a high five. Lou gently put his hand on hers and smiled. It didn't burn when they touched skin. "You see the Chritmas eve game?" Lou asked. Charlotte nodded slowly. "She woke up just in time to see the coin toss." Harry said and motioned to one of the monitors in the room.

Lou looked around at the impressive set up they had in the hospital room. Harry had apparently been busy hitting up some old contacts he had from AMT. "I'm glad to see the operation was a success." Ness said warmly and looked around in amazement at the equipment that was in the room. Lou chuckled some and looked back to Charlotte. "I guess you won't be needing my kidney after all huh?" Lou said and tapped his side. Charlotte shook her head and motioned to her own side.

"Geno and the lady and white got up to business and now, as you know. Mr Saturday didn't need his organs. His loss, my gain." She said. Lou gave her a nod and thought more about that business to come. The 424 was still alive and kicking up in coos county and he had plans for them when he got back from Florida. "And now I'm the universal donor just in case you need a back up." Lou said smirked some. Charlotte gave a weak laugh. "She's not gonna need anything. I've got her taken care of. She'll be all set in just a few weeks." Harry explained.

"Yeah, shame you two couldn't join us for our trip to Florida. Maybe next time." Ness said and with that, Lou and Ness said their good byes and made their way back to Lou's truck. The drive from Mass General to the harbor strange for Lou. He had been to the city before, but never really spent a lot of time there. Lou and Ness pulled up to the Green Monster and Lou was completely blown away by it. When he learned that the ship was worth 250 million dollars, he had no idea what that meant. Allison was waiting for him at the docks and the two were set to go and meet Adam's day and their team of lawyers down town.

Ness got her things out of the pick up and headed up the ships gangplank while Allison came over to Lou's truck and gave him a big hug. "Long time no see my man!" Allison said in a happy voice. Lou clapped the man on the shoulder and motioned back towards down town Boston. "I'm so excited to being hanging out in a big city with a dozen lawyers. It's my perfect idea of how to start a vacation." Lou said dryly.

Allison laughed and tossed on a pair of sunglasses. "Come on it's not all that bad. I know of at least one lawyer you're happy to see!" He said. Lou gave him a nod and checked the time. "You ready to head out?" Lou asked and motioned to the pick up. Allison scoff and flipped out the keys to his own car and clicked the unlock button. The Brand new Mercedes beeped to life and Lou gave the car a disapproving look. "We can take mine Lou." Allison said but Lou just motioned to the truck again.

"What's wrong with my truck, me driving is the least I can do since you've done all the hard work." Lou said. Allison shook his head. "Even with all that money, you're still just good old Lou. Don't ever change man." Allison said and walked over to his car and waved for Lou to follow him. Lou gave a sigh and smirked some. He locked up his truck and got into the car with Allison. The two drove down town to Adam's father's office and yet again, Lou looked very out of place in his flannel shift and torn up pants in the halls of the high powered Boston lawyers. Even Allison got dressed up for the occasion.

The meeting with Adam's father went quicker than Lou expected. As expected, Adam's father was some what torn up about his son's death, but the two had been estranged for some time now and Adam's father was more just making sure that all the paperwork of his son's death was taken care of. He had organized the selling of most of Adam's possessions and properties. Adam had requested a large donation be made to the Seirra club in his memory and Lou got the lion shares of the estate.

Once the meeting was concluded, Lou was able to steal Adam's father away and speak with him alone in the hallway. Lou explained that he needed to go to Florida to talk with Adam's mother and had asked him if there was anything he wanted to say to her for him. Adam's father simply scowled some.

"I spent a lot of money to make sure I would never have to see her again. I'm not interested in saying anything to her."

He said and excused himself.
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