Occam's Razor post script: shine light into darkness

Occam's Razor post script: shine light into darkness

Postby ronfiction » Sat Dec 16, 2017 11:56 pm

So, as promised; after taking time to compile info from many players as to what their characters planned on doing after the official end of the Occam's Razor I am ready to start on the unofficial fan fiction to the game.

Shine light into darkness.

These stories have been discussed with most of the characters involved and generally speaking are not cannon to the official story to the games run by Jacob. With all that said, I will be writing these stories mostly from the prospective of Lou Benoit. These stories will interact with many of the PCs from Occam's Razor, and if you want to make sure your character has a place in these stories, feel free to contact me on these forums or Facebook. These stories will span the 3 years that follow the events of the end of the game which concluded in the fall of 2017 and will cover such topics are the building of pine bluffs, many character's conclusions and even some new adventures in the strange world of Occam's Razor.

Fun fact: while writing this I only listened to WZON. Thanks Jeff
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