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Cabin Assignments: November 2017

PostPosted: Tue Nov 07, 2017 8:21 pm
by Jacob
Ladies and Gentlemen:

Below are the cabin assignments for our final event. Cabin assignments are based on registration, specifically including the team names listed during registration. I have a hunch that some people may be showing up to game who are not listed below--while there are clearly plenty of bunks available on site, the below reflects all of the intel I've been given. I'll try to work any issues out if people tell me sooner rather than later (drop me a PM or E-mail! No worries, I assure you!), but if people show up to game unannounced, I can't guarantee them a specific lodging. Plus, you know, every so often rocks fall from the sky and explode cabins, so stay on your toes.


Main Street 3
Ian M.
Adam H.
Kimber B.
Lauren M.
Jeff F.
Heather P.
Treska C.
Mary K.
Katie R.
Eric S.

Main Street 4
Phil D.
Rhyan H.
David Ca.
Samantha F.
Matthew P.
Jak A.
Ronald R.
Donald L.
Heather N.
Vex V.
Brice G.
Lisa C.

Main Street 5
Leanne M.
Janna O.
Jeremy S.
Kevin G.
Christopher C.
Tom S.
Ashleigh P.
Christopher E.
Jason M.
Laura B.

Main Street 5.5
Nuance B.
Matt L.
Sean C.
Kat D.
Aaron S.
Nathan P.
Abrihette Y.

Main Street 6
Zoe E.
Crystal R.
Scott (.
Christopher W.
Peter B.
Becca Y.
Alison G.
David Ch.
Michael M.

DeMarco House
Jonathen P.
James L.
Michael O.
Chris S.
Brendan T.
Peter L.