Sessions 7 & 8: Cold Weather Events

Sessions 7 & 8: Cold Weather Events

Postby Coco » Mon Oct 26, 2015 1:09 am

We have heard from camp that both of our events this fall will be Cold Weather Events. This means:

1. We will not have Marco to do food prep for PCs or NPCs, so PCs will be responsible for their own food needs for the weekend. We know, it saddens us too. Snack type food is allowed in cabins, meal type food is allowed in the diner.

2. There will be no water outside Monster Camp for bathroom or kitchen use. Monster Camp bathrooms and (warm!) showers are open to PC use during these events, just give us a heads up before you come in. There is also a bathroom available at the camp office building, directly across the deck from the Diner. A portable stall will be available on Main Street.

3. Firewood will be provided by the camp for use in the diner's fireplace.
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