No Space Heaters

No Space Heaters

Postby Jacob » Tue Apr 01, 2014 12:42 pm

Ladies and Gents:

Last I knew, we are not allowed to use space heaters at Windsor Mountain International. While this is unfortunate, it's also understandable--most campsites view them as fire hazards.

Fire hazards are not something campsites fool around with, and as such, we have to take the same mentality. Anyone found to be using a space heater will be politely but firmly asked to leave the game on the grounds that it could cost us the use of the site. Sorry, gang.

On the up side, the main PC space is both heated AND we should have a fire going on in there. There's likely to be a similar situation in Monster Camp--if you're getting unreasonably cold, please please PLEASE come to MC and grab a chunk of couch if the other space isn't doing it for you, ok? Likewise, due to the weather, PCs will be permitted to use the facilities in MC--a trail of blue painters tape arrows will lead you from the main doors to the PC accessible bathrooms (you walk in, look down, and bang a right while you follow the arrows. If you walk in, look down, and there is no evidence of arrows, you have come in the wrong door and will most likely be eaten by monsters. It should be pretty obvious where the front door is, inside the L of the building and such.)

Also, a PC just pinged me with the brilliant idea of keeping some warmer packet thingies in your sleeping bag while you crash. I'm thinking something similar could be arranged with a hot water bottle, if anybody has one of those. And you guys are larpers--I trust you to figure out how to survive without getting us kicked off site, yes? Yes.

Thanks, bring extra socks, and stay safe!

-The Management
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