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OOG Nerf Gun Policy Reminder

PostPosted: Tue Sep 24, 2013 2:40 pm
by Jacob
Ladies and Gentlemen:

As a reminder regarding Occam's Razor's firearm prop policy:

1) Cosmetic modifications are allowed and encouraged.
Examples: Painting the toy, adding external lights that don't blind people, combat safe flanges, additional barrel lengths or putting a larger diameter barrel around the existing barrel, etc.

2) Functional modifications are not allowed.
Examples: Absolutely anything the monkeys with the toy's working internals, barrel replacement, cutting down the barrel, refusing to attach a barrel which is intended as an integral part of the toy (barrels which can be easily added or removed as part of standard play are fine), spring tension adjustment, anything that changes the flight pattern/power of a projectile.

Dart or disc modification of any kind is not allowed.
Guns that rely on batteries to fire are not allowed (example: an unpowered Vulcan fired manually as a heavy machine gun prop is fine. A Vulcan with batteries is not allowed.) Approach off brand guns with caution--sometimes the darts they come with or require are unsafe.

General Rule: Stock guns will be allowed so long as they're nerf brand and unpowered. Likely the same with buzzbee. We have yet to turn down a stock weapon that fits the above criteria, and I can't imagine we would.

Thank you.

-The Management