Collecting firewood

Re: Collecting firewood

Postby Wolfman2006 » Sat Nov 28, 2015 8:44 pm

Malcolm raises an eyebrow at the pistol and the implications that come along with it. And gives a gentle nods of approval, or perhaps he is feeling vindicated at stating she had good sense. He respectfully takes the amulet and looks at it closely, although he does nothing outwardly unusual looking.

"Fire is destructive but destructive does not mean bad. Destruction is necessary for creation, just as death is a prerequisite for life. You can't have one without the other after all. For years it became common practice to put out forest fires, this led to an build up of undergrowth normally culled by smaller such fires resulting in massive firestorms that ravaged the west. Many seeds require ash to grow properly. You are not wrong that there are many facets to fire as everything.

Then very undramatically he hands the amulet back with a small frown upon his face.

"I am afraid that if I am to help you, this will require time, more so than a few minutes by the fire could provide. I am willing to do this for you if you are comfortable, and under your supervision of course. However such a task will distract me from assisting in matters more... pressing, I am committed to assisting in the endeavors in the Cave of Whispers and learning the mysteries of the Gate. Have you any talent for digging up things long forgotten? Or uncovering things other would rather you left untouched? For if you are willing to pick up the slack I'd otherwise be pulling, I'd feel less guilty about assisting you."
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Re: Collecting firewood

Postby Casidhe Cool » Sat Nov 28, 2015 9:27 pm

::Cassie puts the amulet back on and tucks it away under her shirts. To Malcom/s question she shakes her head slowly with an expression of regret::

"I've never been much for asking the why's and how's of things. I'm more of heads-down and focused on the preset type; Curiosity killing the Cat and all. If you're in the 365 club as I've heard it called, you should work on that. I know Michael was hoping this would be the last year someone like Tabitha had to buy us time, and I feel likewise. Besides, I'll have Brett's photos as a starting point. Still, if you ever have the spare time or know someone to point my way, I am hiring investigators to look into it."

::Cassie gets up off the ground stretching her arms out as she looks around at all the wood::

"Well, we don't have to rush moving this stuff far; it can always season out here just as well as anywhere else... but we should at least stack it up so most of it can dry properly. I haven't had much exercise yet today anyway."

::Cassie circles the fire making sure all the leaf litter has been kicked far enough away and then starts to stack up the wood in a more traditional pile::

"So, random question; do you like Cribbage?"
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