In the woods behind the houses

Re: In the woods behind the houses

Postby kimp » Thu Nov 19, 2015 10:16 pm

:: Liberty gives her full attention to his assessment. After he finishes she is silent a moment then asks in a calm, measured tone that speaks of assessment while encouraging his troubleshooting instincts
In the future what would you do differently?
After that, assess what you could...
:: she hits the word hard in emphasis ::
Do differently. Finally what would you propose as things we can put in place, feasibly with our limited resources, so we don't repeat the breakdowns?

Your assessment clarifies some things for me. Is like to know
How you'd fix the problems so we stand a better chance of not losing an asset again.
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Re: In the woods behind the houses

Postby Nick Sleet » Fri Nov 20, 2015 7:26 am

Nick seems to sink into a dispassionate trance again:

"Better operational and tactical planning, where possible; implementation of the buddy system on a formal level, where practical. Informing the group as a whole about our flanking maneuver would have allowed them to support and make sure we were clear before the bomb was detonated, but better battlefield communication would be useful. More than that may not be possible with the composition of this community."

He looks up with a genuine smile. "Thinking these things through seems to help; thanks for the after action debriefing. I'd rather not lose any more assets than absolutely necessary."
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