Cold Iron or maybe its a Wood?

Re: Cold Iron or maybe its a Wood?

Postby Madrigus » Sun Nov 02, 2014 5:56 pm

"Well, if you all really think so," he sighed. "I suppose a few extra pieces of clothing couldn't help, if you're really invested in the idea of humiliating me publicly."

He turned to Nick and Mason. "I like to read. I find it takes my mind off of the world around me so that I return to it with a fresh mind. As for the locals, to hell with them. They obviously don't like all of us being here, so I think that if we all just keep our heads they'll let us be and maybe, and it's a very strong maybe, they'll accept us at least in some part as their own. Like mother animals nurturing the little ones of other races." He smiled brightly.
"Desperation will turn any mortal to the darkest secrets hidden in the darkest vaults."
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