Thompson House- 4 Main St.

Thompson House- 4 Main St.

Postby liahgeron » Thu May 01, 2014 10:29 pm

Over the last couple weeks, large deliveries have been arriving via Speedy Gs to 4 Main St. Gil has diligently been de-crating the contents, revealing a mix of basic machine shop equipment and some more old school items like an anvil and propane forge. It takes some number of days, but eventually the sounds of clanging metal and working machinery start up during work hours, a small sign posted outside:

"Tools sharpened and repaired. Diesel Engines Maintained and Refurbished. Custom metalwork by request.

Sword lessons in the Germanic Styles Mon Nights at 6PM.
Italian Rapier Wed Afternoons at 4PM.
Scottish Broadsword Tues and Thurs at 3:30PM.
Freestyle Lessons Fri 8PM.
Modern Western Martial Arts Lessons Sat at Noon.
All lessons free, equipment available for rent."
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GHB1138 - 4 Main Street

Postby redraverfae » Wed Oct 29, 2014 12:11 am

In the wee hours of the morning on Monday, the local EMT was summoned to the house, and not soon after any on-lookers would have seen said EMT helping a very drab Red Raver out, slowly to the clinic.

Not long after, the sound of an airlift chopper towards the Burlington Hospital two hours away from Whisper Hill (by car) was made, carrying Red in it.
At Mr. Jones and Aurora's "insistence", the Clinic was able to figure out that Red Raver acquired something called 'pancreatitis' and would be out for the count for November. Aurora opted then to visit Red in a week or so to check on how she was doing. Mr. Jones, however, opted to stay in Whisper Hill for the time being in order to make sure people knew Red was still available for other business (through him, of course).

Red Raver, rollin' in to the rescue!, a.k.a. Janna O-P, L.O.R.E.1138 (LE), Sir Iawen Penn (Realms).

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