Signs of the end times

Signs of the end times

Postby ronfiction » Thu Nov 03, 2016 1:14 pm

Lou sat outside on a brisk November morning, drinking a coffee and reading the news paper. It was a gray day outside and he would occasionally look up at the sky to see if it was going to rain. He was hoping to get started on the raking but certainly wasn't in the mood to do so if it was going to be raining. This time of the year was always rough. There was a lot going on, and none of it looked good. The presidential election was dragging on and on, the yearly sacrifice was coming up, Canada was invading and now on top of all of this...

"I can't fucking believe it."

Lou said reading the front page of the news paper. The Chicago Cubs had just won the world series.

"That's it, it's over, pack it in people! We're done!"

The janitor lamented his doom saying while he tossed the paper aside and rubbed his eyes with a free hand. Lou was a religious man, a superstitious man, but above all else, he was a sports fan, and stuff like this just didn't happen ever.

"Game 7? Coming back from being down 3 games? Extra innings during an away game? Yep, it's over, that's it. Good game humanity, it was great while it lasted."

Lou said and shook his head. Dark days indeed, emperor Trump presiding over the darkness infested ruins of the world while the Chicago Cubs win the last world series after 108 years of choking. Lou was done, straight up done with this world. Lou was now 100% convinced that the world was coming to an end. He shrugged his shoulders and looked out at the leaves that needed raking.

"Well I suppose that I should get this done before the apocalypse starts."

Lou said while putting his coffee down and picking up a rake.
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