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Cabin Assignments for Session 12 (November 2016)

PostPosted: Thu Nov 03, 2016 3:57 pm
by Jacob
Ladies and Gentlemen:

Cabin assignments below. Remember! ELECTRIC BLANKETS ARE WELCOME AT OR. PLEASE CONSIDER USING THEM. Likewise hot water bottles. Though I'm not sure I'd mix the two...

Main Street 3
Michael O.
Chris S.
Lisa C.
Lauren M.
Kim P.
Katie R.
Matt L.
Scott (.
Samantha F.
Eric S.
Brice G.
Ian M.

Main Street 4
Ashleigh P.
Nuance B.
Laura B.
Kat D.
Aaron S.
Alexander S.
Joshua B.
Peter L.
Sean C.
Abrihette Y.

Main Street 5
Brendan D.
Adam H.
Kimber B.
Treska C.
Nathaniel P.
Heather P.
Brendan T.
Jessica O.
Mary K.
Jeff F.

Main Street 5.5
Christopher C.
Tom S.
Jeremy S.
Christopher E.
Leanne M.
Kevin G.
Jason M.

Main Street 6
Christopher W.
Zoe E.
Crystal R.
Michael M.
Peter B.
Persephone C.
Becca Y.
Alison G.
David C.

Shadegrove 1 (Top Far Left)

Shadegrove 2 (Top Middle Left)

Shadegrove 3 (Top, Right, Closest to Center Staircase)
Matthew P.
Donald L.
Ronald R.
Jak A.
Rhyan H.
Phil D.

Shadegrove 4 (Top, Right, Center of Right)
James L.
Tony M.
Dawn C.

Shadegrove 5 (Top, Right, Farthest Right Large Section)

Shadegrove Apt 1 (Bottom Left Near Stairwell)

Shadegrove Apt 2 (Bottom Left Away from Stairwell)

Shadegrove Apt 3 (Top Left Small Section)

Shadegrove Apt 4 (Top Right Small Section)