DPL Company Picnic - August 2016

DPL Company Picnic - August 2016

Postby Coco » Thu Jul 14, 2016 2:01 am

It's time for the Annual DPL Company Picnic!

August 27th
69 Village Court
Berlin, Massachusetts

$10 at the Door

We encourage people to bring refreshments of various types--these tend to be a sort of "random potluck party" thing, so organization ahead of time is encouraged to prevent 900 pounds of pretzels and no soda. See the link here for the special Potluck Optimization and Enhancement Tool. You will be able to view what other people have already signed up to bring.

This is an In Game event, though we are not using the Accelerant Rules--you can spar with boffer weapons if you like, but you cannot use Skills or actually harm anyone. Doyon Paper and Lumber (as you can see from the attached flyer) is hosting its annual company picnic, and given that they're far and away the largest employer in town, that means it's more of a town fair atmosphere than anything else. In other words, the party is B.Y.O.B. (Bring Your Own Bib).

NPCs: If you are not a PC but plan to come to this event, you MUST get in touch with staff@occamsrazorlarp.com so we can be prepared for you. :)

Those of you who attended our other "evening special" events may remember our parking rules! We're also not allowed to use other lots at Camelot besides Visitor Parking, which is commonly full. Your best bet is to park along the road coming into the complex (Village Court). Here again is that handy map with warnings, lest you would like to leave with your car intact.


- The Management
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