Clarification: Paralyze

Clarification: Paralyze

Postby Madrigus » Tue Nov 18, 2014 5:33 am

What do you do when you are paralyzed? The way I understand it 'paralysis,' by definition, means you cannot move, therefore if you are hit with a paralyze you freeze in place.

At event 3, however, I was paralyzed at one point. I froze in place. Then I was rudely (physically) pushed over by I don't know who. I don't mind physical contact with anyone. The act of being pushed over though seemed as if someone was attempting to get me to take the paralyze as if I was supposed to collapse or something. If that's the case I'd have preferred a 'clarification, hit the deck' or something.

I'm bringing it up now because I just remembered it now, but I want a proper clarification:

If one is paralyzed, do they freeze in place or do they collapse as if stunned?
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Re: Clarification: Paralyze

Postby liahgeron » Tue Nov 18, 2014 6:17 am

So, paralyze is one of those effects that is difficult to properly rep in a real life situation as holding in any position you happen to be in is kinda hard. As a result, you are allowed to, though do not have to, collapse to the ground if struck till unconsciousness or interacted with in some fashion. This is also partly because of a problem from long ago about people trying to pose paralyzed people. From the core rules: "If you are rendered unconscious, or if someone tries to change your pose, you will collapse to the ground." As a rule of convenience, it is probably also ok to collapse if you are actively straining to hold an awkward position. Not sure what that person was up to, but you do have the option to just collapse if someone tries it again.
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