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Ok so I know what Reflect basically does for example if someone shot at a monster for 6 damage and then the beast calls "reflect" then the player would have to take it. What I needed to double check was whether or not you would have to take the reflect if the attack you used was meant for a specific type of enemy and you do not have the trait.
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Re: Reflect

Postby liahgeron » Mon Sep 02, 2013 3:46 am

So, Reflect preserves EVERYTHING in the effect. From the core rules, "The attack retains all of the original traits so it might not actually affect you." This most definitely includes modifiers like "to X." So, if someone reflects a shot for "6 damage to Hidden" and you don't have the "hidden" trait you can simply call no effect. But, if you just call "6 damage" and it is reflected, unless you somehow have a no effect "damage," "weapon," or "bullet," you have to burn an appropriate defense or take it. Hope this helps!
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