Trying to Enjoy the "Warmer" Weather

Trying to Enjoy the "Warmer" Weather

Postby Heather N » Thu Jan 16, 2014 4:45 pm

Dallas had walked out of the cafeteria and found herself the best patch of open area. She stretched her arms far up towards the sky and closed her eyes. With the bit of warmth from the sun tickling her cheeks she smiled. It was easy for her to push out the walls and put herself in a much more pleasant space. The noise wasn't a problem. Maybe she was strolling through Quincy Market to get a delicious soft serve at Sluggers. It is possible she was strolling Harvard Street to head to her favorite comic book spot. It was important to her to hold onto those little memories, because it would be a long time before she would experience what again.

She opened her eyes and let reality sink back in. Of course confinement was getting to her, but she would not let it ruin her mood. Dallas had trust in those who put them in quarantine with the belief that it all had a purpose. From the sounds of it, they were given a moment of quiet before they met whatever await them at Whisper Hill.

Dallas sat down on the ground. It was still cold and a little wet, but she didn't care. Outside she could breathe. She began to stretch her legs just trying to loosen up her cooped up joints.
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