Outside on the Lawn (2 weeks after quarantine began)

Outside on the Lawn (2 weeks after quarantine began)

Postby liahgeron » Wed Jan 08, 2014 9:03 pm

Gil exits the Cafeteria and walks over to a bundle of dark green-colored lengths of foam and kite pole against a tree. A couple books lie there as well. Once there, he tosses his jacket over a branch and begins to limber up.

(OOG Note: This is meant as an introduction for something I plan to run on Sat afternoons during full sessions if time is available. Since it's so brutally cold in NH, I kinda figured these would taper to a stop during the winter months, though Gil is likely to try and keep running something as space allows. If you are interested, I'll have a couple boffer weapons with me at the potluck if you want to spar a bit or just say the lessons have kept going as a good way to keep warm and in shape.)
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