The Next Day

Re: The Next Day

Postby Jynx » Mon Sep 02, 2013 2:59 pm

"I'd love a cup." Dr. Rue walks in for a drink.

Nearly spitting it out after the first sip, "This is awful. But thank you."
Dr. Elizabeth Rue

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Re: The Next Day

Postby Gus » Mon Sep 02, 2013 3:46 pm

On a stump outside with a fire axe on his lap, sits Gus, tending a cook fire and sipping from a thermos cover. As you pass him, he smiles warmly and greets you with a "good morning"in his thick Boston accent. His smile doesn't reach his eyes, though, as you notice he probably hasn't slept all night. Upon closer inspection you see that his chosen spot has a vantage of both the hall and the parking lot.

He dumps the rest of his thermos into the pot over the fire and grimaces at the last drops as if the thermos had somehow offended him.
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Re: The Next Day

Postby liahgeron » Mon Sep 02, 2013 5:30 pm

A green Prius pulls into the lot and a wet-haired Gil stumbles out, grimacing a bit. He stops and does a few deep leg stretches before noticing Gus' fire and moving that direction, barefoot with boots over his shoulder, tied around his blunted claymore. He plops down next to the fire, sticking his hands and feet out to dry and tossing his boots next to him.

"So, as a note, the river is still kinda stupidly scary. And is getting worse with the rains from yesterday. I'd say we're probably stuck here save for airlift or a really hefty ship for a few more hours at least."

And with his hands dried out, he reaches into his cargo pockets and pulls out 2 cans of Pepsi, offering one to Gus.
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Re: The Next Day

Postby Heather N » Mon Sep 02, 2013 6:31 pm

Dallas attempted to get some shut eye, but only a couple of hours had passed before she had to get back up. Rain from the night before had cooled the morning enough that she felt a refreshing jog was in order. It also wold be a good time to straighten out her thoughts. With everything that happened the day before, she felt not in control. It was not something she was used to. She just took a deep breath and acknowledged the new day.

After a while, she made her was back to the hall. She wiped some of the sweat off of her forehead and put on a bright smile. Today was a new day, and new challenges to face. She would be more prepared this time. Gus' fire caught her attention and she made her way over to the two sitting there.

"Looks like we all got a great night sleep," her sarcasm was light. "Are we excited for a new day on this...interesting...island?"
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Re: The Next Day

Postby NinjaElephant » Mon Sep 02, 2013 7:07 pm

The first words out of Arthur Bootor's mouth when he awoke were "God dammit." He reached to his aching back, then realized the rest of his body was just as sore. As he stood up and examined his surroundings, Arthur uttered the phrase again. He had been hoping that everything he remembered was some sort of comatose dream due to being in a terrible accident. Unfortunately, he did in fact spend the previous 24 hours discovering (and fighting) demons and experiments and lord knows what else. Arthur sat up from the bench he'd been sleeping on, and promptly winced as pain surged through each muscle he'd used in the process. Shaking his mind clear, he began to truly process yesterday's events. Not only did the world have more secret technology than he knew about, but apparently magic exists too! His entire worldview was, once again completely shattered. He then thought about the previous day's particulars: the professor, the janitor, the demon marshall, even soldiers were here. There had been all sorts of strange experiments that he'd need to look into, not to mention the animal problem. This island was proving to be very troublesome.

As he looked upon his surroundings, Arthur saw stirrings of other people he had arrived with. It seems everyone was waking up. He spotted Dallas moving towards a fire, and moved in that direction. "Does anybody know where that sheriff got off to?"
"So we've just learned demons exist and you want to go to an abandoned church? I'm just gonna pour myself a nice tall glass of f*ck that!"

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Re: The Next Day

Postby karcaligari » Mon Sep 02, 2013 8:48 pm

With a quick stretch to wake up any sleeping joints, Kar quickly extinguished his smoke beneath his boot heel and made his way back to the rec center. The fire caught his eye and was perhaps the greatest thing he'd seen since the water cooler made it's way inside.

Giving a wave to those assembled around the flames, he set his hat down near it to help dry it out.
"How's everyone holding up this morning? Anyone need anything patched up? I've had people pop stitches in their sleep before."
"You're not dying on me today. I swear I'll pull you out of the abyss and shove you back into your body."

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Re: The Next Day

Postby Kristina » Mon Sep 02, 2013 9:49 pm

Chastity grabs two test tubes and a thermometer from her equipment, as well as some handwritten notes. She heads out the door towards the smell of the fire, stopping by the woman in the fedora.

"Actually, if you have a map, I could use some help. Here are some coordinates that were encrypted in a communication given to me last night." She hands over one of the pieces of paper and continues on her way out the door.

She nods at those around the fire, "Do you mind if I borrow some of this heat? It would be better if I had a uniform burner, but I didn't think to bring one." Without waiting for a reply, she holds the test tubes over the fire using tongs and starts her stopwatch. "I haven't slept, so if you see one of these boil before I do, please prod me."
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Re: The Next Day

Postby Gus » Mon Sep 02, 2013 10:40 pm

"Thanks, bud." Gus says to Gil and drinks the Pepsi with gusto. He shakes everyone's hand and bids them a good morning as they gather around the fire.

"I haven't seen Sheriff Winters since the... the unfortunate circumstances last night.", he says the last with an obvious bitterness, but quickly recovers. Grinning he says, "I am quite sure that Andy Griffith will be by soon enough. Feel free to use the fire for whatever."
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Re: The Next Day

Postby Henry Gondorf » Mon Sep 02, 2013 11:15 pm

It was remarkable how some were able to sleep after such an ordeal. When the possible escape from the island was thwarted by the Suit and his merry band, Henry slipped back over to his car. He opened the back door to lower the back seats down. He took one last look at had once been a nice outfit. What was once a shirt was now a collection of torn fabric and smears of god knows what, he was glad he stopped by the Salvation Army before taking the detour here. He stripped off the shirt and threw it into the passenger foot well. He double checked the UV window covers were still in place before he climbed inside and shut the door. A push of a button locked the car up for the night.

The sound of thunder caused Henry to stir from his car. The door opened to allow his stiff legs to swing out followed by his aching body out into the warm rain. Henry lowered his head and used his fingers to help shake loose the bits of dirt and forest floor that got stuck there yesterday. Raising his head to the sky helped give some minor relief to his tired and blood shot eyes. His trench coat did little to hold back the rain coming down. His black t-undershirt he wore was soaked in seconds along with the grey slacks as well. He reached in the car and laid out his filthy on the roof in the hope the rain would allow for some chance at a wash restoring them to his wardrobe. A quick pad down of his person reminded him of what he had on hand. Satisfied he was now ever just so better off than the day before, Henry headed back towards the Rec Hall where life was starting to stir.

On his approach in, he made sure to give those by the fire a quick nod of the head in greeting as passed. No need to be rude...or talkative in the morning. He stepped into the Rec Hall to see who else made it through the evening. Seeing a few familiar faces Henry let go a small held breath and sat down hard on one of few empty chairs left in the Hall.

Henry leaned back in his chair to give his back a little more support. He had a few things he wanted to hash out. First, though, it was just good manners to allow everyone to shake the crud out of their eyes before picking at their brains.
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Re: The Next Day

Postby Eden Jones » Tue Sep 03, 2013 1:34 am

Eden trudged towards the rec hall, still not quite reconciled to being awake. She’d cleaned up as best she could in the bathroom sink, but found herself wondering if any of the decrepit buildings in the area had a working shower and, if so, she could persuade the Sheriff that qualified as “exigent circumstances”.

She looked at the people around the fire and gave them a faint smile. “Good morning, gentlemen, ladies,” she said, nodding at everyone. She focused on Gus, her brow furrowed slightly with concern. “You’ve been there all night, Gus? You should go get some sleep. Gabe’d kill me if I let you collapse from exhaustion.”
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